The Lives of Nobbe Dickington

I have recently started chronicling the many lives of my generally evil character, Nobbe Dickington. He has lived in places such as the Capital Wasteland, Mojave Desert, Calradia and Tamriel. These lives have been full of excitement and adventure and I believe it best to share these stories with you.

Nobbe Dickington’s Tales from The Capital Wastelands – The story of Nobbe Dickington’s search for his father in the Capital Wasteland and adventures further afield.

Calradia! A Nobbe Dickington Adventure – The son of a Nobleman, Nobbe Dickington has always lead a quiet life. After being ousted from his land and losing his home, family and fortune, he seeks adventure, power and a new life in the land of Calradia. Warring factions and faltering diplomatic relations leave space for Nobbe to attain Wealth, Power, Honour and Fame. Can he restore his Family name and possibly unite Calradia under one banner along the way?


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