Where have I been?

Ellie with her ring toy

So it’s December.
The time of year where it’s stupidly cold, people are stupidly cheery and I stupidly spend money.
I jest, I jest. I love December really.

So where have I been since May?

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Another boring catch-up and ramblings about social networking

Our new house. Picture taken from Street View

Our new house. Picture taken from Street View

We moved house again.

The landlord sold the old property we were renting but it gave us the opportunity to move into a bigger, fully detached house.
A house with two lounges, a kitchen/diner, a utility room, a downstairs toilet, four double bedrooms, two of which are en-suite and a family bathroom. Oh and a cellar that runs for the entire of the underneath of the house.

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Games, Videos, Stuff and Things

Has it really been 28 days since my last blog? Wow.

After a LONG time, three years actually, I made a new video using clips I recorded from a video game. The game in question is Sniper Elite V2 and it showcases kills from a variety of levels using various weapons.

I have never been very skilled in making these videos. I don’t even have an Intro Card like most proper YouTubers do.

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Catch up for the past eleven days.

I do feel guilty for writing this at work, but what else am I to do while still awaiting Security Clearance besides simple admin tasks?

So what has happened since my First Post?

Had a four days off work.
Played some games.
Got a new TV.
Started a serious Dog Training regime.
Went to a 40th Birthday Party.

Got my Gold Star on Gizmodo.

So lets start on the with the four days off;
On the day I made my first post, I found out that the annual leave allowance at work reset on the 1st of January and sadly I only had 25 days available to book for the next twelve months. It doesn’t actually work as whole days, I got given 187.5 hours of annual leave.
When I told Gemma of this, she said I should book a week off at some point in the next few months to relax as our Christmas period of FAR from relaxing. So Monday rolled around and I asked to have the rest of the week off. It got approved and I was chuffed.
While I was at home during the day, all I did was play PC games. Mainly Fallout: New Vegas but also Dungeons of Dredmor, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, Spec Ops: The Line and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Continue reading