Another boring catch-up and ramblings about social networking

Our new house. Picture taken from Street View

Our new house. Picture taken from Street View

We moved house again.

The landlord sold the old property we were renting but it gave us the opportunity to move into a bigger, fully detached house.
A house with two lounges, a kitchen/diner, a utility room, a downstairs toilet, four double bedrooms, two of which are en-suite and a family bathroom. Oh and a cellar that runs for the entire of the underneath of the house.

Other than the house move, nothing much has happened;

Finished my first year at Capgemini on the 14th of this month and my Apprenticeship/Probationary Period ends on the 13th June.
I will hopefully get a pay rise to about £16000 annum (before tax obviously) which is a nice little increase to the current £14500.

I have been feeling more tired than usual, falling asleep at work, on the bus, even stood up. It occurs at any time of the day, even if I have had a full nights sleep of eight hours or more. Really starting to annoy me.
If I am writing at work and I start to daze off, I will continue to write but it will just be what I am thinking/dreaming and makes no sense. In fact, if it happens while I am writing this, I will keep it, just so you can see.

Sky turned out Internet back on after the home move and we are still in the little period where the speed is REALLY slow for a couple of days. Right now the maximum download speed I can reach is 32kb/s which, I am sure, is only six times faster than dial-up. Dial-up is more consistent (well not really) and will not drop the connection as randomly too.

I have been thinking about Social Media and Social Networking too. Yesterday, two work colleagues were talking about selling Instagram and Twitter followers and started talking about all these features on the websites I had never heard of as I have never used either of them.
The most I use is Facebook and Google+ and I rarely use them.

Facebook came from when everyone migrated from MySpace to Facebook all those years back. Infact I believe I did it later than most as my Timeline says I joined in March 2009.

Google+, I am not too sure when I started using it, some time within the last year. I have had a Google account since my first Android Phone (LG Optimus GT540 back in 2011) but never really used it for anything other than accessing the Marketplace (now Google Play) and my emails.

So because of this lack of use of Social Networking, I never got into using Twitter and feel like I am the only person who doesn’t use it.
Even if I did start using it, I doubt very many people would notice unless I Hash-tag every single word, as I have seen done before in screenshot for embarrassing or plain stupid status posts.

From what I can gather for Instagram too, it is a website/app, linked to Twitter somehow (I apologize if I am wrong), where you upload pics and apply sepia or washed-out filters to make pictures to “vintage”. Oh and it has to be pictures of old buildings, flowers, sunset/sunrise or girls in old dresses.
So if It as integration into Twitter, what is Twitpic? Or do I have something completely different there?
Oh and while were are on these lines, what is Snap-chat useful for? What about Kik? It seems to be the same type of App recycled over and over.

Nevermind, nevermind.

So should I start using Twitter? Probably. Will I start? Probably not.
Let me know what you all think.

Thanks for reading and have yourself a lovely day(or night, dependant upon when you read this) and weekend (or week, again dependant upon when you read this).


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