Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) Price Increase.

As myself and many others have find out today, EE (Everything Everywhere Limited) plan on increasing Orange and T-Mobile monthly contracts by 3.34%. Orange will be affected from 10th April and T-Mobile from the 9th May. EE contracts will remain unchanged.

Sure it is not a very big amount but I feel ripped off by this because of the absolutely awful service I receive from Orange. I feel so strongly against this that I wrote a stern email to Orange.
Both my original email and it’s reply can be found below (bare in mind, this is a straight copy-paste so formatting has been messed up a little bit);

From: Jones, Nicholas
Sent: 04 March 2013 15:09
To: ‘customer.services@orange.co.uk’
Subject: Sick and tired of POOR SERVICE

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you because I am sick and tired of the poor service you providing me. Ever since I first took my contract out with you, I have had nothing but trouble.

At first the monthly price was wrong I was paying too much, more than I was originally told. This was corrected by changing my contract to one with less minutes, and data and less cost.
This was okay for a while but calls kept getting dropped, calls would not connect to or out of my phone and voicemail was selective on which messages were recorded. This was not an issue with my phone as it was replicated on multiple handsets.
Eventually, when I needed to increase my tariff because I kept going over my minute allowance, you kicked up a massive fuss saying I couldn’t do it. It took FOUR phone calls to allow an increase in minutes and even then it did not take affect for a little while.
When I wanted to increase my data allowance, all you could do was add an extra 500mb bundle to the account for an extra £5 a month! That was an extra 25% on the current tariff at the time! Needless to say, we had no choice but to accept because I was away on work and needed all the data I could get.

I went away to Spain  in September last year and I tried to set up a Roaming package but all I could do was a £3 a day charge and even that would not register for a couple of hours or even a couple of days sometimes! I was getting charged for data allowance I didn’t even use in the end all because your service was so slow!

I needed to change my Address on the account twice and it never fully changed. At one point two of the addresses were merged into a place of residence that has never and probably will never exist. It only changed, finally, after I renewed my contract as mentioned below. In fact, the Billing Address still hasn’t been changed and is the weird hybrid mutant residence still. Shocking. It won’t even let me change it online, I get errors saying it could not be completed. And should be tried again soon. This just gives the same error though. Very, very shocking.

I decided to renew my contract in October and I was told that I would be on a £31 a month contract. I was actually given a £36 a month contract plus the past 500mb bundle was never removed when asked. After calling multiple times, the tariff was changed, again, but the data bundle remained. Another few calls and a couple of months later, the data bundle FINALLY disappeared. I have to say that this is appalling service. Absolutely appalling.

The worst part of all is since the launch of 4G I have experienced reduced network coverage even in areas you deem “Excellent” on your coverage map these areas are Manchester, Birmingham, Reading, Oxford and Telford. Infact, in areas of the town of Macclesfield, near Manchester, I get no signal at all! It seems to a dead spot. No mobile data signal. No call signal. Nothing! Yet on your website you advertise this as “Amazing Coverage”. False advertising, I am sure.
This affects me in many ways as again, I have to travel for work and if I cannot call, send or receive email or even access data, how am I supposed to stay in contact with customers and clients?
My family also lives in Macclesfield and how am I supposed to contact them if I cannot even get a signal, what if there is an emergency or family crisis?

In fact, I have thought of something EVEN worse. The fact that even though you are providing abysmal service, you still feel the need to increase monthly prices by another 3.3%, even after the previous 4.34% increase caused SO MUCH controversy and trouble. You would imagine that this money would go toward increasing the levels of service but it seems not to be that way.

I will definitely be leaving Orange when my contract ends. Unluckily it is a gruelling TWENTY months away.

For all this trouble I have had to trudge through in the past 29 months, I believe I should be compensated in some way.
Mostly, I am looking for an upgrade to a new handset. A new handset will easily be covered by the cost of my contract anyway, especially with the price increase and will be easiest for yourselves to arrange.
I would also be willing to accept a lower price on my tariff but with similar allowances. I do not want to compromise on them as I need what I currently have. I know you have the power to do this but you always seem to be adamant that you cannot make such changes.
Another compromise, that you would most likely be unwilling to do, is an upgrade to a 4G LTE handset and a 4G tariff with the allowances that I have now but a cheaper price. I would not use as much data as most 4G contracts offer so providing me with such would not be needed. The 4G handset would be needed as my current phone does not have an LTE chip.

I am also open to negotiation and am willing to speak to somebody over the phone to discuss these matters fully and seriously.

Account Number: xxxxxxxx
Mobile Number: xxxxxxxxxxx
Name: Nicholas Jones
Email Address:  xxxxxxxx.xxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.xxx

I would appreciate a full reply regarding all issues raised here, either by phone or email.
I hope we can resolve this soon and in a way then benefits us all.

Nicholas Jones

Nicholas Jones
Software Engineer | Application Services UK
Capgemini UK | Sale
Tel.: Ext.: +xx xxx xxx xxxx | Int.: xxx xxxx
People matter, results count.

received a reply almost instantly;

From: dontreply@orange.co.uk [mailto:dontreply@orange.co.uk]
Sent: 04 March 2013 15:10
To: Jones, Nicholas
Subject: Re: Sick and tired of POOR SERVICE

Please accept our apologies, we are in the process of improving our e-mail service, and cannot deal with your e-mail enquiry at this time.

For the moment, can we ask you to use one of our alternative Customer Service channels, where our advisors will be happy to answer any question or resolve any enquiry you may have.

You can contact us, between 8am to 10pm by :-

  • dialling 150 from your Orange handset or
  • calling us on 07973100150 from a landline*
  • Our Text Service provides text message support on 150 – just send ‘help’ to 150
  • If your abroad you can also contact on 07973100150**
  • You can manage your account online, 24 hours a day at Your Account
  • You can also manage your account and get answers to most questions, using our Your Orange app, available to download for all smartphones
  • You can talk to one of our agents using our Click to chat services on our website
  • Alternatively, our Orange helpers are always ready to provide support if you visit our social media sites @OrangeHelpers on twitter or search for Orange Helpers on Facebook 

Apologies once again, but we hope to be back soon with an even better email service, so we appreciate your understanding at this time.

*calls are charged at local rates if you’re a BT customer, but if you’re with another provider it may cost more so do check
** calls are charged at international rates.

This e-mail (including any attachments) is intended for the above-named person(s).  If you are not the intended recipient, notify the sender immediately, delete this email from your system and do not disclose or use for any purpose.
We may monitor all incoming and outgoing emails in line with current legislation. We have taken steps to ensure that this email and attachments are free from any virus, but it remains your responsibility to ensure that viruses do not adversely affect you.

Everything Everywhere Limited
Registered in England and Wales
Company Registered Number: 02382161
Registered Office Address: Hatfield Business Park, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9BW

Now it turns out that I have to call them. I will repeat everything I have mentioned on the phone and will write a new blog with any developments that may happen.

Wish me luck!

Information in this article was taken from Which? via Gizmodo UK.


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