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Has it really been 28 days since my last blog? Wow.

After a LONG time, three years actually, I made a new video using clips I recorded from a video game. The game in question is Sniper Elite V2 and it showcases kills from a variety of levels using various weapons.

I have never been very skilled in making these videos. I don’t even have an Intro Card like most proper YouTubers do.

I do have another few videos in the works;

Fallout New Vegas – The Tale of Punchy McFisticuffs. A story about Punchy McFisticuffs III and his goal of punching EVERYONE in the Mojave Wasteland. Of course he won’t succeed but he will find love, his fortune and come to some form of self realisation.

Fallout New Vegas – Fun with… Explosives. A follow-up to Fallout 3 – Fun with… Explosives. Just various clips of the Player Character “Zappy E. Splodey” killing people in various and amusing ways using the games explosives.

Skyrim – Fun with… Destruction. An Elder Scrolls version of the Fun with… Explosives videos. Showcasing the explosive spells in Skyrim and how they can be used for humorous results.

Skyrim – Jovenski, The Skyrim Bolter. A video following the Player Character “Jovenski” and his Skyrim killing spree using his trusty Crossbow, Ayla, that gained him the title of “The Skyrim Bolter”.

I also have basic ideas for a few more videos but these have not been fleshed out;

Sleeping Dogs – A day in the Life or Wei Shen. A video following a chaotic life in the day of Wei Shen.

Hitman – The Many Suits of Agent 47. A video showing how in each Hitman game, Agent 47’s suit is different. The video starts when Agent 47 picks up his new suit in Hitman Absolution. While he is there, he has flashbacks to certain missions from previous games where he loses his suit.

Nobbe Dickington – The Evolution of a Bastard Character. A video showing all my Characters who have been called Nobbe Dickington or some variation of the name.

I look forward to making these and hope people will enjoy watching them.

Time to change the subject and the mood.
Recently I have been feeling down. I don’t particularly like going to work (I know no-one does but I try to avoid work as best I can), doing things that I normally do and even going out. I only feel happy when I am with Gemma but even then, we are falling out a lot recently.

I am seeing a Psychological Therapist but it is not helping much right now.
I get hardly any sleep because I am constantly worrying or uncomfortable.
I sit wondering why I am not doing anything but realise that I cannot be bothered doing anything.

I am trying to make the effort to be a better person and be a better boyfriend for Gemma but my current mood seems to make all my effort lack a little something. Something special.

Anyway, enough.
My next post will either be with a new video or with some news. I won’t leave it 28 days again. I promise.


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