First Blog

Well this is it. The first real blog I have ever written. I have written many before during my college days and my SharePoint training but never a real one. I should write something profound.

I have nothing.

Truth be told, I’m not very good with social media or anything of the sort. A couple of years ago, I had Myspace for a while then gave it up because I rarely used it. I swore never to get a Facebook account but eventually did and again, never use it and now I swear never to get a twitter account. I probably will at some point. I have also never used Instagram.

Everything is good right now anyway. I have a lovely, amazing girlfriend, Gemma. I live in a nice, spacious Edwardian house. Only downside is that it is rented. I wish I had a mortgage and was a home owner but it is hard to build up credit and even save up for a deposit. I have wonderful pets; A Border Collie Dog, Ellie. A Moggy Cat, Sassy. Two Fancy Rats, Daisy and Deirdre and a Green Iguana, Sydney. I have a great family, who I see on occasion. My job as an Advanced Apprentice at Capgemini is brilliant.

All I can think of for now. If anyone actually get round to reading this and wants to ask anything else, just ask.



P.S. If anyone knows how to stop snoring, short of surgery, let me know. I have tried everything.


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