Where have I been?

Ellie with her ring toy

So it’s December.
The time of year where it’s stupidly cold, people are stupidly cheery and I stupidly spend money.
I jest, I jest. I love December really.

So where have I been since May?

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More Photos of the Dog

More pictures of the dog!
As usual, all pictures were taken with on my Samsung Galaxy S III.
Click each picture to view in a larger resolution.

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Another boring catch-up and ramblings about social networking

Our new house. Picture taken from Street View

Our new house. Picture taken from Street View

We moved house again.

The landlord sold the old property we were renting but it gave us the opportunity to move into a bigger, fully detached house.
A house with two lounges, a kitchen/diner, a utility room, a downstairs toilet, four double bedrooms, two of which are en-suite and a family bathroom. Oh and a cellar that runs for the entire of the underneath of the house.

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Pictures of the Pets

I am not a Photographer, I do not pretend to be.
All these pictures have been taken with the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S III.

Some pictures of the pets for your enjoyment.

2013-03-16 19.40.20

Ellie lay on Gemma and Freddo, the Frog Cushion

2013-03-16 19.40.40

Ellie lay on Gemma and Freddo, the Frog Cushion

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Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) Price Increase.

As myself and many others have find out today, EE (Everything Everywhere Limited) plan on increasing Orange and T-Mobile monthly contracts by 3.34%. Orange will be affected from 10th April and T-Mobile from the 9th May. EE contracts will remain unchanged.

Sure it is not a very big amount but I feel ripped off by this because of the absolutely awful service I receive from Orange. I feel so strongly against this that I wrote a stern email to Orange.
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