Calradia! Part One: His Life No Longer

Nobbe Dickington had always lived a comfortable life in Keldern. The son of Nobleman Richard Dickington, he had enough wealth to spend on any frivolous pursuit he desired and enough land to host entire towns. However, this was not enough for Nobbe. He learned the arts of Swordplay and Archery, useful for hunting and competitions. Excelling at these, he helped increase his family’s fame but it also drew undesirable attention. Rival families formed alliances against the unknowing Dickingtons. Soon they began to employ subterfuge to run Nobbe’s family into the ground. Periodically raiding trading caravans, destroying crops and farmland and buying off clients and employees. Over the months, the Dickington family’s reputation started to decline. The land became barren, trading became sparse and any employees not paid off had fled in fear of their lives. Continue reading

Nobbe Dickington’s Tale of Two Wastelands – Part One: Vault 101

[So I finally decided to try the “Tale of Two Wastelands” mod that combines Fallout 3 and New Vegas into one big shiny game. Well it is not really shiny, it still has bugs that are being ironed out and not everything works as it should but in the few hours I have played, Fallout 3 feels refreshed on New Vegas’ slightly altered and updated game engine.

This, however, is not a review of Tale of Two Wastelands but the chronicling of a new character.]

[WARNING: The following article contains spoilers, violence, drama and screenshots containing fictional gore.]

Vault Cave Door

How did it come to this?
Standing at the exit of Vault 101’s entrance cave, light leaked through the rotten decayed boards of the makeshift door, exposing the cave’s damp walls and the putrid decomposed bodies of those not able to secure safety inside the vault. What he had seen alone in this cave had been enough to make him question whether venturing on is a good idea but realised that he cannot go back. Not now. Continue reading

Another boring catch-up and ramblings about social networking

Our new house. Picture taken from Street View

Our new house. Picture taken from Street View

We moved house again.

The landlord sold the old property we were renting but it gave us the opportunity to move into a bigger, fully detached house.
A house with two lounges, a kitchen/diner, a utility room, a downstairs toilet, four double bedrooms, two of which are en-suite and a family bathroom. Oh and a cellar that runs for the entire of the underneath of the house.

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Pictures of the Pets

I am not a Photographer, I do not pretend to be.
All these pictures have been taken with the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S III.

Some pictures of the pets for your enjoyment.

2013-03-16 19.40.20

Ellie lay on Gemma and Freddo, the Frog Cushion

2013-03-16 19.40.40

Ellie lay on Gemma and Freddo, the Frog Cushion

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